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The course intends to give lawyers and economists with a strong interest in the field of economic law the opportunity to gain in-depth, specialist knowledge in the areas of international and European competition and regulatory law. Lawyers and economists who are already practicing competition and regulatory law in businesses, law firms or public authorities will have the opportunity to significantly deepen their knowledge and skills.

The MBL-FU programme is a full-time degree programme of Freie Universität Berlin combining in-class lectures and tutorials with E-Learning segments. It comprises 8 modules and a master thesis period all of which must be completed successfully to be granted the final degree of Magister Legum of Business Law (LL.M. MBL). Moreover, all of our courses count on an extensive amount of preparatory and follow-up assignments that are basic constituents of our Study and Examination Regulation. Thus, the overall workload of the MBL-FU programme conforms to a full-time master degree program of 60 ECTS.

The in-class lectures and tutorials of our programme are complemented with a variety of digital assignments. Via the university's central E-learning platform, Blackboard, our students write blogs, create and comment wikis or make use of the extensive content collections on the platform. The E-learning segments are a mandatory part of our curriculum and must be successfully completed to obtain the final degree.

Upon enrolment at Freie Universität Berlin, every student is granted access to Blackboard. The E-learning contents specifically prepared for our programme, however, are only available for MBL-FU students.

Throughout the entire programme, our students can count on the continuous support of the MBL team. Our international and multilingual staff assists the students in content-related issues as well as organisational aspects of their studies. Please see here to find out more about the contact details of our staff members.

Unfortunately, we do not grant any scholarships or tuition waivers. If financial support is needed, we recommend to search the internet for customized funding opportunities. Please note that applications for scholarships must be directed to the respective institution awarding scholarships.

Upon successful completion of the MBL-FU degree, students are awarded 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

The MBL-FU tuition fees for the academic year 2018/19 are at 4.750 € per term, in total 9.500 € (for EU and non-EU students). Additional costs are the semester fees and contributions, which include the so-called "semester ticket" for the local public transport (tariff zones ABC).

If the course is not taken up after the admission, or if the course is interrupted within four weeks after candidates have taken up the course, the students in question are required to pay half of the tuition fees for the first semester. Advance payment beyond this amount are reimbursed. If the course is interrupted at a later point, the students must pay the tuition fees for the whole duration of the course taking into account the advance payments made.

Our students are taught by a select group of experts from different countries and backgrounds, ranging from officials of the European Commission and National Authorities to practitioners from international law firms and in-house attorneys of multinational companies, as well as leading professors from North America and Europe. Please see here to find out more about our lecturers this year.