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Working Papers

Research Output
  • Andreas Engert, How (not) to administer a liability rule - the German appraisal procedure for corporate restructurings, 2020, FUELS Working Paper #6

  • Christoph Benzmüller/David Fuenmayor/Bertram Lomfeld, Encoding Legal Balancing: Automating an Abstract Ethico-Legal Value Ontology in Preference Logic, 2020, FUELS Working Paper #5

  • Andreas Engert, Collective Intelligence: crowd wisdom versus herding, March 2020, FUELS Working Paper #4

  • Andreas Engert, Shareholder activism in Germany, August 2019, FUELS Working Paper #3

  • Andreas Engert, Law as a market standard: Voluntary unification in contract and company law, March 2019, FUELS Working Paper #2

  • Andreas Engert/Tim Florstedt, Which Related Party Transactions Should Be Subject to Ex Ante Review? Evidence from Germany, March 2019FUELS Working Paper #1