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Peter Fuchs


Verein für eine ökologisch-solidarische Energie- & Weltwirtschaft e.V.

Greifswalder Str. 4
Room Aufgang A, R. 1308
10405 Berlin
Peter Fuchs is a Social Economist and managing director of the NGO „PowerShift“ (Verein fuer eine oekologisch-solidarische Energie- & Weltwirtschaft), based in Berlin/Germany. PowerShift is committed to economic, social and environmental justice and works on international trade & investment policies as well as on energy, climate change and natural resources-issues. A long time political activist, Peter coordinates the German NGO working group on trade (current focus: TTIP & EU Investment Policy) and he is an active member of the Pan-European “Seattle to Brussels Network“ (S2B, http://s2bnetwork.org ).

From 2013 to 2015 he is involved in an educational and advocacy project of various European NGOs on the topic of: „Making EU Investment policy work for sustainable development“.