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Please provide your e-mail address

A request for all users of the online catalog or the Primo library platform of Freie Universität Berlin who have an e-mail address: Please be sure to give us your current e-mail address for notices from the online catalog so that we can save postage. Giving us your e-mail address also has a number of advantages for you in using the libraries and the catalog of Freie Universität Berlin.

Your advantage: This way, you receive automated notices such as hold notifications for books you have reserved, books you have reserved during processing, or books you have reserved for short-term checkout. You also receive e-mail reminders when materials checked out from the University Library or a department library are due. Our advantage: You save us the postage costs associated with sending these notices by mail.

Students of Freie Universität Berlin can enter or update their e-mail addresses themselves. To enter your e-mail address online, please access the online catalog and click the red “Login” field at top left. When you enter your student ID number and password (see brochure for more information), you will be routed to your account in the library system. You can use the same line where you can change your password to enter an e-mail address. Don’t forget to log back out when you are finished.

If you are not a student of Freie Universität Berlin, you can simply give your e-mail address to the staff at the desk, who will enter the address for you. For more information on the online catalog, please see the brochure [here].

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