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New Scanners will replace Copy Services on Paper

Let's scan

Let's scan
Image Credit: Universitätsbibliothek / Frank Beier


Kostenfreier Scan ersetzt Multifunktionsgeräte
Image Credit: UM

Scanner in action   ·   no paper print copies in FU Berlin university libraries from June 2023    ·   Printers for FU Scientists and Students in Computer Rooms

News from Mar 22, 2023

The first of three new book scanners has arrived in the FU Berlin Law Library and is open for use by everyone free of charge. The scanner can be found in the copy room opposite the front desk. A short introduction is available. Please ask the front desk service for assistance. A USB-stick is necessary.

Two more scanners are expected before end of May. The three new scanners will replace the older copy machines. In all FU Berlin libraries, free of charge scan services will replace the paid printing, copy- and scan-services by the external provider until June 2023. This new service follows the concept "Let's scan!" of FU Berlin University Library that has been introduced in fall of 2022.

  • Scans will be free of charge for any library users. A USB-stick is necessary as the scanner is without access to e-mail- or cloud-services. 
  • Printers for members of Freie Universität Berlin - scientists and students - will continue to be available in the computer rooms (PC-Pools) in the back of the law library. The printing charge will be deducted from the printing account in FUB-IT portal. More money can be added using either CampusCard or MensaCard. There is a computer in front of PC-Pool 1 for this service.
  • There will be no more paper copy services in the reading rooms and services of FU Berlin University Libraries from June 2023. The older copy machines will be removed starting June 2023. If you need paper copies please contact the local copy shops near campus. There is a list of close by services in the copy room in our library. Make sure to get information soon.
  • If you did use your MensaCard for copy charges only, you can return the MensaCard within the opening hors of The Mensa. Refund will be given up to 30 € and the down payment for the card (1,55 €) will be returned. More information (only in German) here: https://www.stw.berlin/mensen/faq-mensen/mensacard.html.

For further information on the new Scan Service of Freie Universität Berlin University Library see.

Please contact our front desk if you have questions or need assistance.

Important: You will continuously be able to use the Scan Tent for mobile phone scanning applications in the future.

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